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Garage punk rock and roll. Born in the basement.

The Glads probably first met in early 2000 at Birdman Sound record store on Bank Street in Ottawa, Canada. Longtime friends and band-mates Tim Matthews and Patrick Shanks decided that they were sufficiently bored and miserable enough to start up yet another Rock and Roll combo. With Patrick on guitar and Tim on the drums they set out bashing out some crazed primitive Rock and Roll music down in the basement of Birdman Sound. It wasn't long before a half a dozen or so rough songs were in the works. After toying with many ideas of what kind of sound they wanted to go for, the fellows decided it was easiest just to open up the amplifiers and play the style of music they did best. Loud and trashy Rock and Roll. Oh boy. The first step, obviously, was to call Nathaniel Hurlow. Nathaniel could play bass guitar and all three fellows had mutual respect for each other's past rock and roll combos. Nathaniel had played guitar in legendary Rock and Roll band The Dead City Rebels, had a great knowledge of obscure rock, punk and blues records, and was an all around good lad. As a trio, The Glads worked away for a few weeks in the basement, writing songs and solidifying their sound. After a brief time, they invited Jim Sproull down to add another guitar to the mix. Jim was a front man in cool ska and/or punk bands for years both in Ottawa and in New Brunswick. He could sing and play guitar, trumpet, piano, and who knows what else? Jim also had a good sense of humour and was fairly manic on stage. Jim didn't even need an audition. Now Patrick and Jim could trade off lead guitar duties. Jim even sang lead on a few numbers. The Glads were born and they hit the ground running.

The Glads are Rock and Roll music enthusiasts. They collect all kinds of records and even hang out and practice in the basement of a record store. Most members of the band know way too much useless Rock trivia than is necessary or is probably healthy. They like cool music the best. All these records find their way into The Glads sound. 50s R&B and Rock 'n' Roll, 60s Garage, Punk, Beat and Psychedelia, and even 70s and 80s Punk and Rock music influences can be heard. From Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley and Little Richard, through The Pretty Things, The Yardbirds, The Sonics, The Kinks and The Velvet Underground, to The Stooges, Simply Saucer, The Modern Lovers, The Cramps and even Deja Voodoo. From the obscure to your fave rave, The Glads are a product of their very cool record collections. Add beer, energy, wit, fuzz boxes, sweat, heartache, lust and fun and you have pretty much got a bad case of The Glads. The Glads are a tight and trashy little beat combo who love to play loud garage Rock and Roll music wherever and whenever they are allowed.