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0ct3003 The Glads. Available for proms and pizza parties.
0ct3003For a good time.... book The Glads.

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Friday Apr 14 - El Mocambo, Toronto w/ The Leather Uppers, The Midways, Mississippi Grover
Sat Jan 21 - Irene's Pub w/ The Maynards, Merle Knurling

Sat Dec 03 - Irene's Pub w/ Harshey, Last Voice Heard, the Unknown Wrestler
Sat Nov 19 - Barfly, Montreal w/ Four'N'Giver, The Nymphets
Wed Nov 16 - Babylon Club w/ The Fleshtones
Fri Apr 08 - Zaphod Beeblebrox w/ The High Dials, The Hitmakers
Fri Jan 07 - The Rivoli, Toronto w/ The Midways, The Pauls

Sat Dec 11 - The Dominion Tavern w/ The Midways, The Weapons of Mass Seduction
Sat May 29 - Irene's Pub w/Harshey, Good 2 GO
Sat Apr 24 - The Dominion Tavern w/ The Singles
Fri Mar 12 - Barfly, Montreal w/ The Weapons of Mass Seduction & Cinema Chocolat
Sat Feb 07 - The Dominion Tavern w/ The High Dials

Sat Dec 06 - The Dominion Tavern - Glads record release party w/ The Midways, Skip Jensen and his Shakin' Feet
Sat Oct 04 - Bumpers w/ Blackball, The Weapons of Mass Seduction
Sat Aug 16 - Bumpers w/ Space Elevator
Sat Jul 12 - Ottawa Bluesfest
Sat Jun 28 - Irenes Pub w/ Bloodshot Bill and His Hubcaps, Ruths Hat
Fri May 23 - Take Out The Trash Festival - Toronto w/ The Midways, Le Nombre, The Leather Uppers, The Deadly Snakes
Sat Apr 12 - The Dominion Tavern w/ The Chains
Fri Apr 11 - Bumpers w/ The Sewer Rats, The Super Fishels, Dying Riot
Sat Feb 15 - Irene's pub w/ Thee Van Grits
Fri Jan 24 - Dominion Tavern w/ Lederhosen Lucil, Fembots

Sat Dec 21 - Bumpers w/ The Four Frames, Chris Page, Golden Famile
Sat Nov 02 - Bumpers w/ Thee Van Grits
Sat Sept 14 - Dominion Tavern w/ Le Nombre, The Red Hots
Sat Aug 31 - Bumpers w/ The Four Frames
Sat July 13 - Babylon w/ The Gruesomes, The Riptides
Thu May 09 - Barrymores w/ Clark
Sat May 04 - House party w/ The Four Frames, Golden Famile, Holy Hell
Wed Mar 27 - Dominion Tavern w/ The Mooney Suzuki
Wed Feb 27 - Dominion Tavern w/ The Smugglers
Fri Feb 22 - Bumpers w/ Lederhosen Lucil, Merle Knurling

Fri Nov 23 - Dominion Tavern w/ The Cynics
Sat Oct 20 - Bumpers w/ 1978, Christiano
Sat Sept 15 - Bumpers w/ Federation X
Sat July 28  - Shed Sessions w/ Burning Lodge, Recoilers, Janice Hall, Greenfield Main, Chino, Fiftymen,Wayne Omaha
Sat June 30 - Dominion Tavern w/ The Fleshtones